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Join Hansome Kelly and Kadeem Brown as they sit down to discuss the steps they and their guest are taking to accomplish goals, maintain motivation, and share things that are helping them on the path to success. Email us @: WhatAreWeDoingPC@gmail.com

May 7, 2018

EP #14 Mental Heath w/ Dr. Tasha Brown

We FINALLY found a therapist to give us an answer on the difference between a mentor and a therapist.


Ranging from emotional, psychological, and our social well-being, mental health is highly important and impactful. It affects how we think, feel, act, handles stress, relates to others, and make choices. On this episode, Dr. Tasha Brown (@Tashamelissa) breaks down mental health, and why getting to the root of who you are is important for your success.


Points To Keep In Mind

-Everyone is facing challenges, you're not alone
-Making connections helps with your mental health
-Get to the root of your issue, distress and anxiety can lead to an improper execution
-There's nothing wrong with having a therapist
-Develop coping strategies to get you through your situation
-Good coping skills leads to good mental health wellness
-Outsource to professionals, everyone has a role
-Mentors are not your therapist
-Make time to enjoy your life and well being

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