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Join Hansome Kelly and Kadeem Brown as they sit down to discuss the steps they and their guest are taking to accomplish goals, maintain motivation, and share things that are helping them on the path to success. Email us @: WhatAreWeDoingPC@gmail.com

March 26, 2018

EP #8 1st Quarter Wrap Up- The Game of Life

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-How To Read Bar Codes & PLU's

If the first 3 digits of the barcode are:

890                   Made In India

690-695            Made In China

00-09               Made In USA and Canada

30-37               Made In France

40-44               Made In Germany

471                  Made In Taiwan

49                    Made In Japan

50                    Made In UK

If you eat clean, focus on foods that do not have barcodes to begin with. Then check out their PLU stickers.

If the number starts with a:

4    Conventionally grown

9    Organically grown

8    Genetically modified

Points to Keep In Mind

       ~ Life is a game, play like you want to win

       ~ Be the coach of your life

       ~ Capitalize on your time

       ~ Keep the right people and energy around you

       ~ When you're down in the game, call a timeout and make adjustments

       ~ Your attitude determines your altitude

       ~ The best investment in life is applying education

       ~ Evaluate your circle and those who influence you


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